( Affilated to Kurushetra Universty & NCTE Approved)



The college has an air-conditioned Computer Laboratory fitted with fourteen computers with printers and scanners. All academic work relating to holding of seminars and conferences is carried out through the computers. The salary bills of the staff and a part of other accounts are maintained on computers.
Qualified and trained staff is handling the computers and providing instructions to the students. Computer literacy workshops in collaboration with NCTE are regularly held in the computer laboratory for the benefit of teacher educators hailing from the different colleges of education of the state.


The college has a Psychology Laboratory equipped with various psychological tests and equipment. The M.Ed. students and members of the faculty make use of these tests for conducting research. The Training, Placement and Counselling Cell (TPCC) of the college also utilizes these tests for diagnostic and prognostic purposes.


Good pronunciation in English language, is, ‘sine qua non’ of the art of communication through speech. Yet much attention is not paid to this aspect of language learning and teaching in our educational institutions. Especially in the context where English is learnt as a second language, the problem becomes all the more alarming. The linguistic habits already acquired in learning the mother tongue stand in the way of learning the language and thus hamper the proficiency in speaking the language.
It is also right to mention here that in English, there is very less correspondence between the orthography (spelling) and the spoken form (phonetics). The 26 letters of English alphabet are represented by 44 sounds. It is therefore, essential that the learners of English make a systematic study of sound system of the language. It is pertinent to make them understand the fact that no letter of English has a fixed sound value. So more and more exposure to English sound system will lead to teaching and learning of accurate English.


There are a number of Science Labs established in the college viz. Physical Science, Life Science and Home Science. The college has planned to establish Science Discovery Centre in collaboration with Kurukshetra Panorama & Science Centre, Kurukshetra and Centre for Science Education, NEHU (SHILLONG) and Vikram Sarabhai Community Science Centre, Ahmedabad. Necessary spadework has been under taken. The college has taken initiative to establish Mathematics Laboratory on the lines of Mathematics Lab established at NCERT, New Delhi.